Corporate Social Responsibility

Currently living in Cincinnati, USA, I am a lover of arts and retro history, such as delicate design and painting.

I worked and traveled to various developing countries and regions, including Cambodia, Africa and India.

曾到各種開發中國家工作和旅行- 柬埔寨、非洲和印度工作過。

When I was in charge of the Indian female workers' psychological counseling projects last year, I found that the suicide rates of women in the state was very high. I came into contact with Indian women of different socioeconomic classes every day and found that they faced many problems such as domestic violence, marital problems, and workplace issues. Because of various gender inequality and other issues, they lived a very challenging life. Therefore, I decided to set up an Indian women's arts design social enterprise project with my friends and raise funds through the sales of vintage and self-designed accessories. We hope this project will open a new page for Indian women.


Steps for our program:


First, we will collect retro accessories from the United States that are 100% genuine to sell, and parts of the revenues will go into our social enterprise funds.


Second, we will sell our own designed accessories, combining crystal, silver, resin, brass and other anti-allergic materials from the United States and Indian crystals. The designers in our community all love Indian meditation, and we believe these energy jewelry can bring spiritual support to every consumer.


Our vision:
We hope that through this platform, we can establish a social enterprise to bring Indian women's unique arts and design to more people. We hope to improve the quality of life for Indian women and enhance their confidence and ability to work independently.